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Get the Best Carpet Cleaning in Beverly Hills

If you have carpet at your home or business, you need carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills that you can count on. But how do you look for the best carpet-cleaning providers? Search for 2 important things:

1. A quality service provider
2. An affordable service provider

A quality service provider will bring to the job the experience, knowledge, tools and resources needed to give fully zap the dust, dirt, allergens and grime that have taken up residence in your carpets. In fact, the best of the best providers of carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills will be able to make your carpets look like they did they day they were installed.


You need value, too, which is why you need to find an affordable provider of carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills. You have made an investment in your carpets, and you want to get the most out of that investment. By choosing a provider that offers competitive prices, you’ll unlock the value you want and the return on investment you demand.

You’ll find both things at Carpet Dazzle — quality and affordability. We are your go-to provider of carpet cleaning services in Beverly Hills, and we’re ready to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment right now. Call to line up your next carpet cleaning.

Why is Carpet Cleaning Important?

Maybe people think that vacuuming alone is enough to keep their carpets clean. Some other people choose to do a little spot treating in addition to vacuuming. But vacuuming and spot treating aren’t enough to keep your carpet clean. You need a high-quality provider of carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills to unlock the following benefits:

Enhanced Attractiveness: Freshly cleaned carpets look nearly brand new, which greatly enhances the attractiveness of your home’s interior.

Cleaner Air: So much dust and so many allergens hide out in your carpet. You may not realize it, but professional carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills actually removes dust and allergens to improve air quality.

ROI: You extend the life of your carpets when you choose professional carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills, which delivers the value you want and need.

Carpet Dazzle helps you tap into the benefits of professional carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills like no other service provider. Shop around for quality and affordability, but know that you won’t find a professional carpet cleaning company in Beverly Hills that does a better job of delivering both.

Commitment to Meeting Your Needs

Nothing is more important to the Carpet Dazzle team than our customers. We are ready right now to schedule your deep cleaning, and we’re confident that we can provide a dramatic transformation that will far exceed your expectations. Are you ready to schedule your carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills?

Get in touch today to get a free quote or to sign up for your first appointment.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet Cleaning Progress

We are proud to have served more than 10,000 customers through our many years of service in providing carpet cleaning in Beverly Hills. Because we have such a depth of experience, we have created a process that is proven to deliver results.

We start each engagement with a free quote and a scheduled appointment. We always strive to line up appointments that fit nicely into your schedule while limiting any disruption to your home and your lifestyle.

On the day of your appointment, we walk you through the process and describe how our unique treatment approach will deliver the results you want. We also place a special emphasis on both cleaning and preserving your carpets. We bring all of the equipment we need, clean water and eco-friendly products included, and then our team members work quickly and effectively to complete the job while exceeding your expectations.

You get the clean carpets you need — with little to no disruption to your household.

Carpet Cleaning Pricing

3 Rooms Special

What Our Customers Have to Say:

Carpet Dazzle made everything easy. From start to finish, they kept me updated on their work. I couldn’t be happier with the results, and I was blown away by the customer service. I’ll definitely be calling Carpet Dazzle again!

Justine K.

Beverly Hills, CA

After I spilled wine on my brand new carpet, I thought my mistake was permanent. After calling Carpet Dazzle and meeting with my serviceman, I realized that not only could the stain be removed, but in minutes. Juan with Carpet Dazzle was polite, professional, and made my silly mistake go away in an afternoon. 

Alicia H.

Beverly Hills, CA

In the past, I’ve tried other mattress cleaning services, but I never felt like I was getting value for my investment. I was attracted by Carpet Dazzle’s affordable pricing, and I simply couldn’t believe how good and comprehensive the service was — especially given the low price.

Edward J.

Beverly Hills, CA


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